Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's Made Me Spill My Guts After So Much Silence?

I honestly have no idea...

Maybe it's these new Phonaks, maybe they've given me confidence, maybe I'm just tired of people thinking I'm stupid, or stuck-up, when the truth is I'd just rather not talk to you because a detailed conversation is just too much work when I can't hear you. If I don't know you very well, chances are, I just smile and nod and uh huh you politely; then I go on my way, glad that it's over.

I guess I'm just at a point where I've decided people need to understand what it's like to slowly lose your ability to hear. It's different if you're born that way, you have trouble speaking, people can tell, you learn to sign, your parents tell everybody for you, but when it happens slowly over many years, people have no idea. They think you're an idiot if they are just meeting you; if they've known you forever but haven't seen you in years, they think you're snubbing them.

I also feel like there are others out there going through this and maybe they need someone who is a step ahead of them to help guide the way, or maybe they are a step ahead of me and can ease my path.

Maybe I'm just tired of being quiet in this world of nothing but. I may not can hear but I'm ready to be heard.

I hope you will keep reading my blog as my story unfolds and as I bring the newest research and technology to light. I hope to introduce you to the rest of my story, from my first hearing aid experience to my current ones, the fear I endured after my pregnancy, the latest gadgets in my arsenal, definitely a video of my alarm clock-did you see Heroes this week, I have that set up!-and so much more.

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